Seneca One

Location:Buffalo, New York
Client: Douglas Development
Project description:

The Seneca One redevelopment will revitalize two important city blocks in downtown Buffalo, New York through new programming that includes retail, residential units, and office space.  Situated between the southern end of the Main Street corridor and the booming Canalside district, the building’s rejuvenation is key to unifying and expanding upon these two neighborhoods.
At the plaza level, collaborative design efforts will enhance the pedestrian experience throughout the site. A major goal of the design team is to encourage more foot traffic by providing new landscaping, benches, and street lighting. New driveways at the north ends of the plaza will break up the overwhelming expansiveness of the site, and allow for retail and residential pick-up and drop-off. Retail along Exchange Street, with large storefronts replacing existing foreboding concrete walls, add to the pedestrian friendly design. To accommodate smaller local businesses, the plaza redevelopment will include seven one-story retail pavilions situated in between existing tree planters creating an even denser urban fabric for the site. A one-story wind canopy will stand between the tower and annex building, providing shelter from the elements for all visitors at the plaza level. Additional canopies, signage, and patios for retailers throughout the site are also planned.
The existing four-story ancillary building, which surrounds the plaza tower and connects at the third floor tower lobby, will be renovated from office space to a potential of 43,000 square feet of retail space at the plaza level. A new 4,000 square foot, one-story, retail building is proposed for the northeast corner of the plaza. Additionally, a new 9,000 square foot, one-story, retail building is planned on the plaza east of the 38-story high rise tower. Above the retail level of the west wing ancillary building will be three levels of apartments renovated from office space, creating 103 new apartments for the neighborhood. Future plans for the one million square foot tower include reprogramming for apartments and office space.

Size: 180,000 SF

Services: Architecture

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