Uline Arena

Location:Washington, D.C.
Client: Douglas Development Corporation
Project description: Antunovich Associates collaborated with Douglas Development Corporation on a new mixed-use redevelopment at the Uline Arena, in the burgeoning NoMa neighborhood of Washington, D.C. This 2.5-acre site was occupied by two historic buildings: The Uline Arena building, home to the first live Beatles performance in the United States in 1964, and the Icehouse Building, a significant masonry building originally used to create the ice for skating and ice hockey events at the Uline Arena.

The new development, known as Uline Arena, has over 50,000 square feet of retail space, 150,000 square feet of office space, and over 175 parking spaces on a new above-ground parking structure. It features a new interior courtyard designed to provide abundant natural sunlight for the office space and to create a calming urban respite for office employees, away from the bustling neighborhood around them.

The Coliseum revitalized this culturally and architecturally significant site and infill the existing neighborhood streetscape with exciting, lively urban activity.

Size: 2.5 acres, 200,000 SF, 175 parking spaces

Services: Architecture, Adaptive-Reuse

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